It’s so important to eat well, but nowadays, with our ever growing array of social media devices, it’s more important than ever to ensure kids keep active. For some people breakfast is a meal they’d rather skip, whereas for some it is the driving force of their day. Whether you like to start your day with a cooked breakfast, fresh fruit and granola or french toast with all the extras there is a plethora of great choices in terms of breakfast and brunch for all tastes. What better way to kick start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Now let’s look at some options….



Bread Upma

It’s a much forgotten different snack which makes a good breakfast option. I would say…..An easy and quick breakfast option! My kids love this recipe and I am blessed because I can go for it on any lazy day….You can use any leftover breads, multi grain breads and if you like a crunch you can always toast the bread.

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Aval Upma

Aval upma is one easy and healthy breakfast recipe. I like the recipe’s simplicity and amazing flavours too. This is my mother-in-laws version of aval upma. This upma can have a lot of variations; you can add chopped tomatoes along with onions or even add vegetables, turmeric and squeeze some lemon.

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Banana Pancakes

This is a quick and easy recipe for banana lovers, delicately flavoured with banana. My son loves it with any and every topping and a simple drizzle of maple syrup. These pancakes are delicious on their own. You can add any fruits as toppings such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas or also use any chopped nuts, chocolate chips, granola with a dusting of confectioners sugar. Either way they are tasty to indulge in.

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Semiya Upma

Upma is a popular South Indian Breakfast dish. There are varieties of upma and I love all types of upma because they are very quick to prepare and also very delicious. Fortified with vegetables they make a meal by itself. Vegetable Semiya upma is one of my favorite dish. I prefer thin vermicelli for upma and thick ones for vermicelli payasam. You can use vegetables to make this upma but I have made plain Upma without vegetables.

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Banana Bread

My Banana Bread recipe is a simple one. I was always left out with squishy bananas as the children would refuse to eat it. That is when I decided that I needed to use them in some way and decided to try it as an ingredient in my bread. The first time I baked it my friends were visiting us. Though it was my first attempt, I decided to take the risk of sharing it with my friends for breakfast. The appreciation I got for it was awesome.

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