Are you a busy person who never got around to learn the basics of cooking?

…..then this page is for YOU. You will find lots of tips n’ hints here. Get Ready to start cooking!!

First thing I would ask you to invest in is a Spice Box/Masala Dabba. You should have it if you are cooking Indian food regularly. For those of you who are not familiar with a ‘Spice Box’, it is a flat container either steel, wooden or plastic with a tight fitting lid. Inside this container there are 6-7 small containers which hold the spices or masalas. I am using masala dabba since the beginning of my cooking journey and I have seen most the Indian households having at least one.

Having a masala dabba makes cooking so much easier. It is so convenient rather than opening multiple containers for different spices.

Few tips to masala dabba users – always store the dabba in a cool dry place, make sure to store it in a cabinet close to the stove so that it’s easy to reach out and use; only fill the spices as per your usage and make sure to clean the dabba regularly; keep the dabba away from moisture so that the spices/ masalas are not spoilt.

Dears, here is my Spice Box…..


My Spice Box

My Spice Box


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