Koorka Mezhukkupuratty


This koorka mezhukkupuratty is a tasty variation from the normal mezhukkupuratty because I have added coconut pieces and garam masala to it. I love this mezhukkupuratty to be crispy, so I roast them for a long time. Koorka, the much common root vegetable in Kerala, is yet another favourite of a Malayalee, which finds its […]

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Chocolate Mousse


This chocolate mousse recipe is a quick and easy recipe that contains no eggs or gelatine, and is suitable for any occasion. It tastes great when served with fruit or marshmallows. This post if for all you kids out there who want to start cooking. I’m going to take you through how to make the […]

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Pomegranate Chutney


This pomegranate chutney is a quick and easy chutney recipe and can be made within 15 minutes. In this recipe I have used pomegranate (also known as anardana in Hindi), onions, green chillies, coriander and mint leaves. The leaves give this chutney a green colour. Pomegranate seeds have a faint sweetness and a tang to […]

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Venison Masala


Venison masala is a rich tasting curry enclosing an amalgam of flavours. Adding spices and seasonings flavours this tasty venison masala. Here I am sharing a recipe cooked in pressure cooker. This makes an excellent recipe for the slow cooker also. I have tried this recipe in slow cooker also. In slow cooker you should […]

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Capsicum Chutney


Capsicum chutney is a very healthy and delicious accompaniment which is made with capsicums as the main ingredient. You can use any coloured capsicums. In this recipe, I have used a red coloured one and hence the colour of the chutney. Capsicums are rich in Vitamin A and C and many other minerals. I try […]

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